Andrew Cruz's Portfolio


Collegiate Academy

The collegiate academy for me is just one extra class and tons of walking on fridays but all in all for me it's amazing and just absolutly incredable. Sometimes I think this is way yo easy but there are at least some challenges,like my U.S history class. This just means that I need to study and work harder. This is what the Collegiate academy is for me.

The FTP Process

At first I thought "oh just copy & paste this going to be easy." I was mistaken. This process is confusing and one mess up or if you forget anything then your toast. This is supossed to be trail and error, but I hate the error.At least I got to fix the coding now. All these files and images are so confusing sometimes but this is a learning experiance.We just got live websites and are editing them. Now were just about done with the template, calander, and photogallary.This portfolio Page will never stop changing.